Reasons to Hire Keep Safe

girl-waiting-webI have been asked about the company name Keep Safe. My wife came up with it. She has heard my my mantra that safety is personal and listened to my concerns of injury impact on the family. We all have a “keep sake”, and essentially when someone loves who you are and the work that you do, you are indeed a “keep sake”. From that discussion “Keep Safe Consulting” was born.

I invite you to read what some of my clients have had to say about Keep Safe.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Craig for many years. His ability to bring accountability to the health and safety equation is exceptional. People come away understanding that accountability is not simply management speaking to their reports. It’s about local teams embracing and welcoming fair levels of accountability, to ensure you’ve done your part. His presentation includes empowering people to make appropriate risk based decisions, resulting in accountability for those decisions. A breath of fresh air compared to some traditional approaches.”
– David Keyes, Keyera Corp.

“Craig’s ‘Be Your Brother’s Keeper’ presentation was a real impact with our workforce on the project. It has helped us create and sustain our safety culture.”
– Jill Vrolson, Senior Safety Advisor – construction. Cenovus Christina Lake SAGD project.

“I have had the luxury of working with Craig on a large scale construction project where Craig was the lead Construction Safety Advisor. Craig championed the project from the safety side and did an exemplary job.   A notable highlight of his many competences includes his public speaking ability. Craig possess a strong aptitude for speaking clearly in front of large groups, understanding his audience and formulating speeches to meet expectations. Glad to call Craig a true gentlemen and friend.”
– Matt Elines,Construction Supervisor

“I’ve worked with Craig for the better part of 3 years. During that time I observed a safety professional whom is very good at making presentations to large groups in a way that personalized the opportunity for every person to get involved. In addition, Craig is passionate about continually expanding his knowledge and perspective, so as to incorporate leading approaches with his approach and messages to the workforce.”
– Wayne Pennycook, Safety Professional, Retired

“I had an opportunity to work with Craig at Cenovus. His speaking abilities really took hold of me while working with him. His ability to speak and to put matters into perspective all the while being engaged with the people in front of him I noticed the most. He is fluent with his presentation and his way of bringing home the message of his presentation is very strong.”
– Mark Stroeder, President, Momar Industries

“It has always been a pleasure working with you. Your combination of pleasant nature, knowledge, experience and commitment to safety welcomes everyone to be a part of a personal safety culture. You teach people to see the positive in safety whether they are at work, at home or at play. I know that our workers have high respect for your safety example and that you approach your presentation with a degree of common sense and that’s where the work boot hits the road. There is no doubt in my mind that many folks would benefit from any of your presentations, not only in developing a better understanding of safety and how it applies to them but also to accept the challenge of passing those learnings on to others. Possibly saving co-workers, family or friends from injury or death.”
– Steve Tjostheim CSO, Sr. Safety Supervisor, Challand Pipeline Ltd.

“From working with Craig on a Pipeline Construction Project for Keyera Energy and listening how he talked to my workers I can honestly say that I’ve never seen my workers that engaged while listening to a Safety Coordinator speak. I believe that his military background had a lot to do with it because of the respect they had for him. With his stories and safety talks he related a lot of them to his Military days and all were relavent to the safety aspect of our daily work. Personally he had me engaged the moment his talks began and he interacted with the men on my crew very professionally. Craig is a fantastic person to listen too and we all enjoyed listening to him speak during his talks.”
– Shane Crouch; Construction Supervisor Challand Pipelines Limited