craig-gauvreau-safety-consultantCraig Gauvreau is a CRSP (Certified Registered Safety Professional) with over 20 years experience in industrial health & safety. When he says “let’s take the rocket science our of safety, make it about people” he means it, and he gets results. He helped take a company from being a targeted employer with OH&S , with an 8% surcharge on WCB premiums to a 13% rebate with a positive safety culture.

How can you afford not to examine your company safety more closely?


  • This role consists of implementing and managing a client’s safety management system. From well sites to oil & gas construction sites, and the pipelines in between. Whether representing the prime contractor or the contractor conducting the work, Craig’s emphasis of this role is making the safety management system effective for both the worker and the project. Craig’s “boots on the ground” approach at the work site, has had a positive influence on the safety culture where he has been the lead safety advisor.

    Also in this role he approaches project work with a “business case for safety” view. This has a positive impact on Production, Schedule, Cost, & Quality. As a safety professional, Craig believes that these are the key measures of a project. He has been able to influence the balance and Production, Schedule, Cost, Safety & Quality with the Management Teams he works with resulting in successful projects on all accounts.

  • Craig is a certified health & safety auditor through ENFORM. Auditing companies for their external or maintenance audits of the COR (Certificate Of Recognition) program. This is an audit of their safety program or safety management system to ensure that it meets the requirement of the COR.

    Craig also uses the same tools for base line audits for clients to have a starting point as well as developing an action plan when building & implementing the safety management system.

    Craig has used both the auditing services and the site consulting skills to conduct “safety culture assessments” or to ensure that contractor safety management is effective.

  • Craig speaks at client sites for project kick off meeting’s, spring meetings for drillers & rig managers, and company safety stand down events. Although he has various topics, his themes revolve around “being your brothers keeper” for those people on the front line, and leadership practices & principles for those people in leaderships roles. Whether talking to the troops on the tools, or the leaders that have influence, the audience leave with ideas and tools they can put into practice to help build a positive culture on the work site.

    When Craig speaks or coaches safety personnel, they leave with tools that assist they can immediately  put into practice aiding them in having positive influence as safety professionals that also help protect the worker but also impacts the bottom line for the business or project. Refer Craig’s speaker one sheet.

Craig can help you and your company with:

  • Leadership for safety excellence
  • Taking the rocket science out of safety
  • Influencing safety performance with teams

Craig’s presentations are unique and take a personal approach to influencing safe behaviours on the job site. He will have your workers looking out for each other.

Craig understands what it takes to lead people in remote locations and under adverse conditions. He helps front line leaders improve personal accountability and start asking, “What does this situation need of me?”