Safety Training Questions

From Safety Personnel

Question: We have all the elements of the the safety management system in place… we’re still hurting people, why?

Answer: We need to find the gap(s) then… This may be a cultural issue or perhaps what you have in place for elements of the safety program, do not fit the business model or the activities on the ground.

Question: Why doesn’t the safety program influence behaviour so workers follow the rules?

Answer: Stop doing “safety” to the work force and do “safety” with the work force. Essentially stop making safety about the rules and make it about them… the people at the sharp end of the sword (those people on the tools)

Question: My Safety Meetings always seem boring… How do I make them meaningful?

Answer: Stop talking about safety stats. Find the bright points – be positive. Recognize things gone right. Too often in safety we only look at things gone wrong. Make safety about them – the workers your trying to influence.

From Supervisors

Question: I can’t get some people to follow safe work practices. What can I do?

Answer: Worst case – you can arrange for him to find work else where, but then you’re only moving the problem & you may be in the same situation with the new person. Best case: get them¬† involved, or make it real, make the situation about them. For example if they keep putting a hand or a body part into a potential pinch point, ask them how they will pick up their little girl or boy. Ask them if they will tell the truth to their spouse or children when they ask, “how did you get hurt”.

Answer 2: Recognize the positive activities and behaviours. If you praise the behaviour you expect and want to see… you will get more of it. If you’re not managing the safety performance of your people – any actual outcome bad or good – is purely accidental.